Your all in one solution to scale your business and impact

The Social Impact Network Powered For Driving Change

Your all in one solution to scale your business and impact

The Social Impact Network Powered For Driving Change

Launching To 200 Million Reach

Launching To 200 Million Reach

Exclusive Invitation to Become a 

Founding Partner


Introducing WOWUNOW: 

Innovate The Way
You Do Business To
Engage, Monetize
And Impact The World

As An Integrated Part Of
The New All-In-One Social Engine

Stand Out Among The Noise,
Be Positioned On The Front Page And Throughout
As The Leading Trusted Brand/Resource In Your Industry
Get New Audiences Driven To You

Get New Ways To Market and Monetize, 24/7
(Out Of What You’re Already Doing) 
While Driving Positive Impact

Get SEEN, Explode
Your GROWTH and

Start here to explore how you can be
front and center on WOWUNOW
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WOWUNOW is the first-of-its-kind hybrid social platform that combines solutions, personal and professional growth and positive social impact in one seamless experience.

We are offering select experts, influencers, and 
brands the opportunity to become Founding Featured Partners, allowing you to showcase your content and monetize your influence while being part of making a significant difference 
in the world.

What WOWUNOW Offers:

Integrated Business Solution:

Consolidate your online presence with our all-in-one platform, allowing you to host memberships, trainings, courses, events, and more and/or point users to your existing links without restricting your reach like other platforms.

Creator Economy and 
WIN/WIN Monetization:

Benefit from our unique win-win creator economy, where users and partners earn through sharing and engagement. Monetize your free content, reach new audiences, and amplify your social influence.

Trusted Resource Hub featuring YOU!: 

Get positioned as a recommended vetted resource in our innovative platform, where users can access curated content and solutions for mindset, health, well-being, and business growth from select partners (like YOU)

Safe-Haven Positive Social Ecosystem:

Escape the noise of traditional social media and be a featured part of a platform dedicated to fostering a supportive environment, free from shaming, bullying, negativity, and talk of politics.

Why Choose WOWUNOW

Massive Promotional Reach:

Join our platform, which already has the support of prominent organizations, nonprofits, celebrities, and influencers, giving you access to a combined promotional reach of over 200 million during our phased launch.

All In One Engine for Driving Business And Audiences:

Our technology partner has developed and customized the WOWUNOW platform to provide the most optimal user experience. Their clients include Halle Berry, Pitbull, Major League Baseball Association, the Chopra Foundation, the Denver Broncos, EMPIRE TV, FOX TV, and more.

Exclusive Founding Featured Partner Benefits: 

Enjoy your own branded channel, 20+ new ways to monetize content, ongoing feature on the front page (and throughout the platform), a personal concierge to assist you, and lifetime membership with no renewal fees.

Challenges That Businesses, Brands
Or Creators Like You
Face With Current Solutions.

hard to stand out in today’s marketplace = challenging lead generation:

With increasing competition and noise on social media, it becomes challenging to generate high-quality leads and drive meaningful conversions.

your monetization opportunities are limited by other platforms:

Conventional social media platforms often restrict the ways businesses can monetize their content, limiting revenue potential. You often see this when you try to post a link in your content and get your reach restricted or you aren’t allowed to post links and have to send people to your bio.

AD-spend costs through the roof 
(and have to keep repeating):

High costs of ad campaigns on major platforms, coupled with complex algorithms, make it challenging for businesses to achieve a desirable return on investment.

fighting for Trust and Credibility:

The abundance of self-proclaimed experts and misleading information on existing platforms makes it difficult for genuine brands to stand out and establish credibility.

Negative Social Environment:

Toxic and divisive interactions on social media platforms can harm brand reputation and discourage engagement with valuable content.

choking off your own reach:

Current platforms prioritize paid and ad-driven content, resulting in a significant decline in organic reach, making it harder for businesses to connect with their target audience.

scattered tools & platforms overwhelming to manage:

Experts, Content Creators & Brands often struggle to maintain multiple social media accounts and business tools, leading to a scattered online presence and increased management effort.

Lack of Support and Collaboration:

Traditional platforms rarely offer partners the resources or opportunities to collaborate with like-minded experts, limiting the potential for growth and innovation.


Get All You Need To Drive
And Scale Your Business
All In One Place 

20+ ways you can be found

20+ ways you can monetize

Get Audience Driven to You

Design to Drive Them to Taking Next Steps With You
Streamline Your Systems:
Use what’s here at the ready for you 
or let us be a gateway connecting directly to where you house your offers
  • Hybrid Social-Business Platform: Seamlessly combines social media and business tools, driving ongoing engagement and providing a comprehensive solution for our partners.
  • Profit-Sharing Model: Both businesses and users get to share in the platform's profits, creating a win-win ecosystem and incentivizing everyone to contribute and engage.
  • High User Retention: As a social network and content hub, users keep returning daily, increasing exposure to the solutions offered by our Founding Featured Partners.
  • ​Escape Toxic Social Media: Move away from negative, ad-driven, expensive, and ineffective social platforms while engaging in a positive environment designed for growth and collaboration.
  • Forget Ad Spend, Maximize Impact: Eliminate the need for costly ads and instead, get rewarded based on how much your content serves others to thrive while creating change in their lives and the world (24/7 we’re on autopilot for you driving your free content into paid offers)
  • Curated and Trusted Content: Access to vetted resources and content from our featured experts and influencers, in a segmented, easily navigable experience ensuring users receive the highest quality information and solutions from our partners (that’s YOU).
  • Revolutionizing Social Media: Be part of breaking free from the outdated and harmful social media paradigms by joining a platform that actively fosters positive change.
  • ​Supportive and Positive Environment: A dedicated space free from shaming, bullying, and negativity, with the central focus on empowering and incentivizing users and partners to grow and make a difference.


To dive inside all you can get access to and leverage to drive your business


Main Banner
You can build the banner as you wish to show the main message and purpose of your channel.
CTA Buttons
These Call to Action Buttons will take users to whatever you want them to do inside wowunow or on your own website.
Social Feed
Just like on Facebook, the more you post, the more engagement you can create with your audience.


Found on your channel and in “Listen On Demand” and Audio and Podcast Playlists areas- same as video series but audios: podcasts, meditations, guided processes, interviews, etc - can link already existing podcast series right into our system seamlessly.


Found on your channel, “Watch On Demand” section, and Video Playlists areas - Upload groups of videos, create as many as you want to keep the users engaged, lock some videos to money or points, create a sales funnel starting with a valuable content video and add timed links to send users to see your related services and products, and much more! 

"WOW's $$$ REWARD feature

Works like “Likes” but is real currency given in increments -This is where you turn your FREE posts, videos, audios, inspiration, entertainment, channel and resources into Cash Machine - Give amazing value and users incentivized to LIKE with stars (Real currency) ie, music, meditations, information videos, someone’s daily video nuggets, etc - repurpose all your content or create engaging content to leverage.


Everyone YOU or your brand sends to your own page, the 1 day event promo or anywhere that opens up inside WOWUNOW gets tagged as coming through you and you get 5% of gross through those tagged
Rev share also applies to Causes, Influencers and Companies where their people get tagged through them for sending them to WOWUNOW (even if/when to their own page or promotion inside of WOWUNOW) This is significant for these reasons:


This is your homebase where all your call to actions and links, offerings, posts, information, etc live, in addition to all the other ways you’re integrated on the platform. Think of your channel as acting like your site (some folks are choosing to use WOWUNOW as their site now and no longer using their website - your channel on WOWUNOW has SEO, by the way, and can be linked to your social media as well).


Get put in your channel, the main feed and within the designated category related to your post) ie, Mind, Body, Spirit, Life, Business and/or World.


Your Trainings, Courses and Events offered within the WOWUNOW Training section that rewards for interacting with your content. Trainings, Courses and Events can be free or paid (or unlocked through membership) and are tagged to make your offerings searchable. Feature in your own channel and in the overall Trainings section.


A special setting like CAMEO where influencers or content creators can have people pay to have a 1-3 min Video Shout Out made for them - whether that’s a quick 30-second phrase of encouragement to a hot seat coaching question answered and shared as a post for all to see or a special message to one of your fans. YOU the content creator set the price and parameters and our system does the rest automated and making it easy for you to fulfill.


Challenges become a MACHINE for viral growth and engagement using WOWUNOW’s gamification engine. Create and feature your own or get featured within one of WOWUNOW’s Branded Challenges (these are designed to lead to your paid offering/s and great for list-building as well where users can download an accompanying handbook or audio, etc).

(aka, geo-tagging)

(Great for brands for engagement campaigns specific to events or stores or if doing business locally)


The interactive Shop Video is a prerecorded video or an immediate replay of your Livestream, programmed to have an offering associated with the product or service you’re talking about that appears as a button/buttons underneath the video at programmed strategic times. Users can buy in that inspired moment with ONE click via Digital Wallet or link to where you want them to go.


This is another access point for users to discover you. Your Products, Trainings, Coaching, Retreats, Merchandise, and Offerings may be placed in the Marketplace for purchase (note: your offerings are always featured within your channel with direct links) with easy one-touch Digital Wallet purchase for WOWUNOW users.


Use our event engine for your online or live events - including to promote and even sell your tickets through with one click purchase (like eventbrite or any reg page) Post your upcoming event within our scheduler so users are aware your event is coming (online dashboard capabilities, use like an app for your event and drive your attendees through WOWUNOW as a result, tagging them through you for rev share for extra monetization.


Paid or free connected to private or public groups and your own members area - if for private VIP membership, their paid status can be tracked within system so you can track who’s current vs not. One click digital wallet for quick decision buying your membership off your channel, or where offered in our various sections. We can API into your already existing memberships, too.


List your availability to book one on one sessions - paid or free (strategy sessions or paid bookings) can be for group sessions as well. You’ll show up in the scheduler and they can click thru to learn more about you - plus, sign up right there at a click of the button and get on your calendar (Note: Users all get their own scheduler where they mark what they’re interested in and when happening so they can follow when you’ll be offering free or paid sessions)


Can set up your own pay per view kind of series or video events.


You and Your Brand featured to the entire community as a recommended resource to experience and discover, with click thru and reward for users engaging. You’re featured in multiple places: in Homepage and spotlighted in the newsfeed and out to entire community, (notifications and newsletter also share you as spotlight of the day) Many ways to leverage - ie, declaring users to share out about something you’re offering, or for them to try on your free audio or video or challenge which then leads to whatever paid offering you may have ***Massive Value as this comes with your partnership, acting like Facebook Ads yet NO additional cost to you! (Analytics included).


list one of your programs to be traded for points and have that program be a leader into one of your paid offerings Users go to this section to exchange their points for audios, trainings, products, etc they’d otherwise pay for. You can list a repurposed offering here that they’d exchange for points and help bring them into your world (like a lead magnet or training you’d offer as a Bonus but can live here for rewards exchange)


(With TV guide-like scheduling or go LIVE in the moment) Interact with users on the platform, amplify engagement.


With Celebrity Positioning - Online Interactive Extravaganza that brings the WOWUNOW Experience to life with the call to action to take on the next 6 months and Be WOW by WOWUNOW!
Featuring chosen Sponsor Partners, Celebrities, Famous Thought Leaders, Experts, Grammy Artists and Causes. Focus is on taking action, creating a blueprint for desired change, with YOU and the other partners as recommended resources, and introducing WOWUNOW as their tool and collectively doing good.

How to Get Involved

Apply to become a Founding Featured Partner

Enjoy the exclusive benefits of being a leading resource in your niche.

Connect us with potential
Featured Partners

Receive a referral commission or a percentage of their
platform-generated revenue.

Spread the

Pre-register as a user and share WOWUNOW with your network to earn revenue from the platform's growth.

Get SEEN, Explode Your

Start here to explore how you can be
front and center on WOWUNOW
❤ We respect your privacy

About The Founder/CEO, Lynn Rose

WOWUNOW is a platform created by Founder/CEO, Lynn Rose, an award-winning media and entertainment entrepreneur, business consultant, and mission-driven founder/CEO of WOWUNOW, where Social Media meets Global Change.

Her access to celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and well-known Influencers, coupled with her desire to instigate change for worthy causes, drove her to launch a platform to bring together brands, celebrities, influencers, and everyday people to collaborate together for activating good, for ourselves and the world.

She’s shared the stage and/or screen with Stevie Wonder, Meryl Streep, Richard Dreyfus, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Matthew McConnaughy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mariah Carey, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and countless other luminaries, and been seen on CBS, ABC, NBC, film and more.

Behind the scenes, she’s worked with billion-dollar CEOs, celebrities, thought leaders, and experts.

Lynn has spent her time traveling around the world doing humanitarian work and keynoted, TV Hosted, or performed for millions of people and thousands of events around the world while helping others make their own successful global impact as well.
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